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Win an iPod Nano At

Posted by Admin | Monday, December 14, 2009 | 0 comments »

Contest Link :

Ends On : December 23rd at noon Eastern Time

Prize : iPod Nano

How to Enter :

There will be various ways to enter which you can accumulate points for (winner will be chosen at random):

1. Subscribe to RSS Feeds via e-mail AND comment – 1 point Simply subscribe to my RSS Feeds via e-mail, confirm and comment below. If you are already a subscriber, all you have to do is comment below with the same e-mail you subscribed with.

This way it’ll cross off a lot of people who subscribe and don’t pay attention to these posts. Plus, it’ll finally give a LOT of people a chance to finally comment here after being an active subscriber and never saying a word here. :D

2. Blog about the contest AND include links – 5 points Just write up a quick post on your blog about the contest but make sure you include these following links:

- Internet Entrepreneur
- iBlogtoBlog
- Contest Post

For those of you guys that will probably question, the second link is one of my other sites. :D Hey, it might potentially sponsor the second nano. :P

3. Donate to a Charity (show proof) – 5 points If you have donated or contributed to a charity of any sort in 2009 and you can show some sort of proof then you deserve more than just an iPod. I’m sure no one donates to charities to try to win something but I figured I’d at least give back to give you guys a chance to win an iPod for your generosity.

For the proof, if you have some sort of receipt (which you should be getting for tax purposes :D ) or something equivalent, send it on over and let me know. And please don’t try to lie or game the contest because that’s just plain shameful. :P

Happy Winning!!!

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