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ContentMixi – Market Place for Digital Products

Posted by Admin | Saturday, December 05, 2009 | | 0 comments »

Digital Market Place Where You can Buy And Sell The Products. Sounds Interesting And Beneficial For Both Buyer and The Sellers.

There May Be Sites Like ContentMixi But It Is Different From All Others and What Are The Good Things About Site Some of Them Are Listed Below In this Review.

Digital Market Place - Heaven for Bloggerslogo

If You Have Seen The Site Then You Must Be Knowing That It Is Still In its Beta Phase but it has All Pre-Launched To Give A Tough Competition To Their Rivals and A Benefit For Both The Buyers AND Sellers.

You Don’t Need To Register Separately For Buying Or Selling Products.

The Site Is Simple and Easy To Understand. On the Landing Page Itself You Can See Different Tabs For The Categories They Have : Web templates, Logos, Content, E-book, illustration, and Animation. Under Each Category There Are Some Sub-Category Also To Make The Job easier. The Prices Are Very Nominal.

They Also Have Premade Logos Which You can Buy and No Need To Worry The Names On the Logos Are Of Fake Company’s So You Can Change It With Little Editing.

Earn Money With ContentMixi

They Have Affiliate Program Also So What You Get in That Is

  • 20% lifetime commission For Each Referrer You Send To There Site AND You can send a visitor on ANY PAGE at payout is $50 and Payments are Done by PayPal.

And The Other Way To Earn From ContentMixi Is Participating in there Review Contest. Write A review of their Site on Your Blog/Website and Submit Your Review To Them. There Will Be 3 Prizes For the Top 3 Reviews $200,$60 and $20. The Last Date For Submission of The Review Is 10th December and They Will Announce The Winner On 25th December.

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