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Mukhang Pera Contest

Posted by Admin | Tuesday, November 10, 2009 | 0 comments »

Contest Link : Mukhang Pera

Prizes :

1st Prize – $15
2nd Prize – $10
3rd Prize – $5

How to join :

  1. Blog about my contest with a linkback to this post – 5 pts
  2. Follow @mukhang_pera on Twitter and tweet this message for 2 pts.

    Win cash from @mukhang_pera by joining their contest! #bangonpinoy #contest #mukhangpera

    You may tweet this twice a day. Only users with public times may do this.

  3. Subscribe to my RSS by email. Make sure to verify your email address and use that email when you comment here. – 2 pts
  4. Comment below with the link to your blog post, tweet, and other methods of entry.

Happy Winning!!!

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