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Gambling WordPress Contest

Posted by Admin | Tuesday, November 10, 2009 | 0 comments »

Contest Link : Gambling WordPress

Prizes :

  • 1st Prize - $50
  • 2nd Prize - $30
  • 3rd Prize - $20

Consolation prizes - 4 winners of 125×125 banners in Gambling Wordpress Themes

1. Blog about the contest which includes the following words.  5 points

Gambling Wordpress Themes, a site that features free wordpress themes which includes Poker Wordpress ThemesRoulette Wordpress Themes and even Basketball Wordpress Themes is having a blog contest wherein you could win a total of $100 cash and advertisements.

2. Submit to any social bookmarking sites, Digg, stumble, twitter and etc = 2 points for each post (Social bookmarking icons are found at the end of each post)

3. Include the following banner on your sidebar linking back here. 5 points


4. Add Gambling Wordpress Themes on your blog roll. 5 points

5. Comment below on the task that you have performed. Please include your username in the social bookmarking sites so it would be easier for me to tally your respective scores.

Happy Winning!!!

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